The Hult Prize has built and extensive network of judges, advisors, coaches and mentors who come together each year to help launch the next wave of social entrepreneurs.  These executives spend countless hours helping to select the winning social enterprises presented at each of the regional rounds of competition. Most, continue to provide support to the start-ups through facilitating trainings, workshops and providing advisory within the Hult Prize Accelerator. Along with the Clinton Global Initiative network provided by President Bill Clinton, the Hult Prize has created an ecosystem that is capable of nurturing a new class of social innovators who are committed to eliminating some of our world's most pressing challenges.

  • Alberto Lederman

    CEO, Ardana Software Corporation

  • Alden Zecha

    CEO, Sproxil

  • Amy P. Longsworth

    Managing Director, PWC

  • Andreas Raptopoulos

    Co-Founder and CEO, Matternet

  • Ania Jakubowski

    Operations Director,  The Coca-Cola Company

  • Antonio Calcagnotto

    Vice President, Unilever

  • Barbara Adey

    VP, Business Development, Hewlett-Packard

  • Barry Robert Green

    Group Head, HSBC

  • Bill O'Connor

    Corp Strategy and Innovation, Autodesk

  • Caco de Paula

    Director, Planeta Sustentável- Editora Abril

  • Calvin Smith

    Head, Global Innovation and Marketing, EMC

  • Carolina Arriagada Peters

    Head of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, London & Partners

  • Carsten Sudhoff

    CEO, Circular Society

  • Catherine Cai

    Chairman of China Investment Banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  • Chris Thomas

    Chief Strategist, Intel

  • Chris Vein

    Chief Innovation Officer, World Bank

  • Corinne Marsolier

    Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Cisco Consulting Services (CCS) EMEAR, Cisco

  • Crystal Zhang

    Director, Bosch

  • Dany Sammour

    Principal, Booz & Co.

  • David Robert Duncan

    Former Head of Global R&D, Unilever

  • Deirdre White

    CEO, Pyxera Global

  • Denise Rambaldi

    Vice President, Rio de Janeiro State Environmental Agency

  • Dorian Stone

    Partner , McKinsey & Company

  • Dorothee D'Herde

    Director of Sustainability, McKinsey & Company

  • Dr. Antonio Sérgio Petrilli

    Director General, Pediatric Oncology Institute - GRAACC

  • Dr. Mark Albion

    Co-Founder, Managing Director, More Than Money Careers

  • Edson Arakaki

    Medical Director, Merck Serono

  • Emmanuel Bonhomme

    Vice President, DePuy Synthes

  • Eric Zwisler

    President, Cardinal Health China

  • Felix Moesner

    CEO, Swissnex & Consul of Switzerland

  • Frederic Liberman

    General Manager, Yves Rocher Group

  • Gabriel Figueiredo

    Executive Director, TECHO

  • Gerson Valença Pinto

    Chief Innovation Officer, Natura

  • Giovanni Rivetti

    CEO, New Content Group

  • Grace Garey

    Co-founder & COO, Watsi

  • HE Shaima Al Zarooni

    CEO , International Humanitarian City

  • Helen Chen

    Partner,  L.E.K. Consulting

  • Hong Li

    President & Partner , LeanOrigin

  • Hugh Molotsi

    VP, Intuit Labs, Intuit

  • Ivo Godoi Jr.

    Executive Director, Promon S/A

  • J. Rizzo Hahn

    CEO, Pollux Automation

  • Jamie Heywood

    Chairman and Co-Founder, Patients Like Me

  • Jan Anner Shelling

    Vice President, DSM

  • Jane Griffiths

    Company Group Chairman, Janssen EMEA

  • Jeff Fagnan

    Partner, Atlas Ventures

  • Jeff Walters

    Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

  • Jeremy Oppenheim

    Director, Home Office

  • João Carapeto

    Director, A.T. Kearney

  • John Clancy

    President, High Street Partners

  • Jonah Brotman

    CEO, SokoText

  • Joshua Liberman

    Executive Director RD&D, Sutter Health

  • Julia Sperling

    Partner, McKinsey and Company

  • Julianne Zimmerman

    Co-founder and Managing Director, Vodia Ventures

  • Juliano Seabra

    General Manager, Endeavor Brasil

  • Julio C. Lavalle

    Co-Founder, Poupa Certo

  • Kailesh Karavadra

    Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

  • Kairat Kelimbetov

    Governor and Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Central Bank of Kazakhstan

  • Kate O'Keefe

    Head of Innovation, Cisco Services

  • Kathie Miller

    Head of Global Learning, Nielsen

  • Ken Madrid

    CEO Asia-Pacific, Crown Worldwide Group

  • Klaus Rumler

    CEO, China Operation , Spirax Sarco

  • Lacy Caruthers


  • Linda Kelsey-Foster

    EMEA Senior HR Business Partner & UK Employee Engagement Lead , EMC

  • Lisa Zhang

    HR Director, Dow

  • Liz Maw

    CEO, Net Impact

  • Lorna Solis

    CEO and Founder, Blue Rose Compass

  • Luis Bonell

    President, Liberty International, Liberty Mutual

  • Luis Diaz-Rubio

    President, Janssen



  • Malek Al-Malek

    Executive Director , Internet City

  • Marc Edo

    Managing Partner, Axis Corporate

  • Marcel Fukayama

    CEO, Center for Digital Inclusion

  • Marcelo Cardoso

    Executive Director, Grupo Fleury

  • Marcos Pereira

    National Chairman, Brazilian Republican Party

  • Mark Doughty

    Global Talent Director, Deutsche Bank

  • Mark Fuller

    CEO & Chairman, Rosc Global

  • Mark Turrell

    Author of "Scaling" & WEF YGL




  • Markus Fromherz

    Chief Innovation Officer, Healthcare, Xerox

  • Michael Perman

    Dean of Global Innovation, Gap Inc.

  • Mike Leischer

    General Manager , GE Healthcare

  • Mitya New

    Managing Director , Leading Organisation

  • Mohammed Alsayrafi

    General Manager, Qatar Doping Laboratory

  • Mohammed Shael Al Saadi

    CEO , Dubai Government Registration & Licensing Sector

  • Monica de Roure

    Executive Director, Brazil Foundation

  • Nadim Zaman

    CEO, Natixis

  • Peter Tippett

    Chief Medical Officer, Verizon

  • Pierre Chauvineau

    VP CRM & EP EMEA, Boston Scientific 




  • Prakash Sundaresan

    Chief Technology Officer, Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group , Microsoft

  • Raghu Malhotra

    President, Middle East and North Africa, Mastercard

  • Raymond Stevens

    iHuman Institute, Founding Director

  • Rehan Pathan

    Chairman, Takseem

  • Reinier Schlatmann

    Director, Middle East and Turkey, Philips Healthcare

  • Riaz Shah

    Partner, Ernst & Young

  • Ricardo Cianciaruso

    Group Director, Editora Globo

  • Richard Bedrosian

    Director of Behavioral Health for Wellness & Prevention, Johnson and Johnson

  • Rick Valencia

    Senior VP & GM, Qualcomm Life

  • Rina Joosten-Rabou

    Managing Director, International Top Talent

  • Robert Hamwee

    Global Learning & Development Director, Accenture

  • Robert Rubinstein

    CEO, TBLI Group

  • Rui Curi

    Director, Institute of Biomedical Sciences

  • Russ Lidstone

    CEO, Havas Worldwide London

  • Saher Shaikh

    Founder, Adopt-A-Camp

  • Samy Benjafaar

    Chief Strategist, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

  • Scott Wilkins

    Enterprise Innovation Director, AstraZeneca

  • Shahid Khan

    Innovation Evangelist, PayPal

  • Shannon Powell

    Regional Director, The Global Foundation

  • Sheryl Chamberlain

    Senior Director, EMC

  • Simon Nowroz

    President and MD - Asia Pacific, Travelport GDS

  • Stacey Chang

    Director of Healthcare, IDEO

  • Stephen Cobham

    Vice President Latin America, Sanofi

  • Steven Veldhoen

    Partner, Booz & Co.

  • Susan X. Luo

    CFA, State Street Global Exchange

  • Tahir Akhtar

    Chairman and Doctorpreneur, Adam Holdings

  • Tal Goldhamer

    Partner, Ernst & Young

  • Tariq Al Gurg

    CEO, Dubai Cares

  • Terry Mandel

    Founder and CEO, BioMedLink

  • Thomas Rodde

    Managing Director,  Axis Corporate

  • Thomas Stanley

    COO Global China Practice, KPMG

  • Xavier Cahiz

    Vice President, Baxter

  • Xiangli Chen

    President, China Technology Center, GE

  • Xudong Jing

    Research and Innovation Director, China, Shell

  • Yan Xuan

    President, Nielsen

  • Yasar Jarrar

    Partner, Bain and Company

  • Yongqin Zheng

    Senior Director, Philips

  • Zaw Thet

    Investor and Philanthropist, Signia Venture Partners

  • Zhinghua Chen

    HR Director,  Tencent

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