2013 Case Study: Key issues of the global food crisis

A detailed case study framing the key issues of the Global Food Challenge—narrated by President Clinton himself— was sent to student entrepreneurs from around the world. The "President's Challenge"  was written exclusively for this year’s challenge by the academic team at Hult International Business School led by Dr. Hitendra Patel, in close collaboration with President Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the IXL Center. 

Social Enterprise Challenge - Case studies 

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Key issues of the Global Food Crisis highlighted in the 2013 Case Study:

  1. Nearly one billion people in the world are hungry and suffer from malnutrition. That’s one out of every four children
  2. There are more hungry people in the world, then the combined populations of the US, Canada and the EU.
  3. A poor family in a poor country spends over 70% of its income on food, leaving very little to spend on energy, education, housing, healthcare and other critical needs
  4. Global demand for food is expected to double in the next 25 to 50 years. Existing modes of food production and patterns of consumption cannot meet this demand
  5. The global economy actually produces enough to feed everyone. Yet more than one-third of the food generated for human consumption is lost or wasted
  6. Hunger is one of the world’s most solvable challenges
  7. The global food system needs to be redesigned to yield more, healthier food, while reducing cost and ecological footprint
  8. New business models are required around food security. These must yield greater access to markets, new approaches to distribution, and especially local sourcing. More locally produced food would bolster its quality and its workers’ livelihoods, while reducing waste and improving resilience to extreme conditions
  9. Agriculture accounts for 70 percent of the world’s use of increasingly scarce water supplies
  10. Deforestation for food production generates more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined

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