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On March 15

“The Hult Prize has taught me the value of communicating directly and persuasively, and has helped me lose my fear of sharing my ideas in public. Above all I learned that what I pitch should be a projection of my life and experience. The more that is true, the better the pitches I am able to give.”

-Daniela Chiang, CoFounder,
Superminds and Hult Prize Global

Our Hult Prize Level 1 Pitch Certificate
Is delivered by the award winning Hult Prize Foundation and certified by the Hult Business School. Achieved by successfully completing a 10-day interactive course where you
Build your own
through interactive lessons and coaching sessions.
Connect with fellow
impact-driven participants
Develop key fundamental skills and knowledge on pitching
Our Hult Prize
Level 1 Pitch Certificate
Course Outcomes
After completing this intensive 10-day course, you will be able to identify what to include in your pitch, how to structure your message, practice your pitch delivery skills including tone and body language, and learn how to build a great pitch deck. By combining these learnings you will be able to build and deliver engaging pitches for ideas and projects to the audience of your choice. Your parents, colleagues, investors and anyone you want to convince of your BIG IDEA! You will also have the opportunity to meet the Hult Prize Foundation leadership team, winning alumni and fellow participants from around the world to expand your network of passionate changemakers, experts and even your future mentor.
Course Structure
At the Hult Prize, learning is doing! We start every course by studying the theories and fundamentals of pitching. This is a followed by a rigourours and intensive crash course which includes open panels and real-time feedback from our alumni community, including past winners and finalists. Throughout the 10-day course, we will host interactive group coaching sessions where you can present your progress alongside your peers and receive essential feedback from your professors, including Hult Prize Founding CEO, Ahmad Ashkar. Validate your learnings with our weekly pitching events where our team will provide direct feedback on your course assignment.
Course Description
The Hult Prize Level 1 Pitch Certificate will be awarded on the successful completion of our intensive 10-day, skills based pitching course. You will learn fundamental knowledge in communication, storytelling and pitching, supported by daily coaching sessions and additional interactive activities and sessions. This course is not just about mastering theories, but focused on learning by doing where you will be able to put your learning into practice. The course is delivered by members of our global leadership team, alumni base and expert mentor community from around the world. We will share tools, techniques and secrets on pitching that we have developed from working directly with tens of thousands of Hult Prize startups.
Logistics, Times, Dates

This 10-day intensive course will be offered throughout the 2020/21 calendar year, with our next cohort kicking off on March 15.

Class sessions are scheduled from 2:00-3:30pm GMT on Monday-Thursday, and 2:00-5:00pm GMT on Friday and are subject to change. All sessions are recorded and available on demand. The Hult Prize Level 1 Pitch Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Certified By
Hult International Business School
The Hult Prize Foundation Certificate Program is certified and run in partnership with the Hult International Business School, a worldwide leader in international business education. Hult is the only triple-accredited business school in the world and globally ranked as one of America’s top-rated business schools.
Join us if you are students, young professionals, start-up founders, and community organizers who are looking to develop fundamental skills and knowledge on how to pitch, and take their skills to the next level, whether to win a bid for a contract, or a million dollar prize.
Join us if you are students, young professionals, start-up founders, and community organizers who are looking to develop fundamental skills and knowledge on how to pitch, and take their skills to the next level, whether to win a bid for a contract, or a million dollar prize.
Meet our Faculty
Meet our Faculty
Ahmad Ashkar
CEO & Founder Hult Prize Foundation

Ahmad Ashkar is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Hult Prize Foundation—named in a TIME Magazine cover story featuring the top five ideas changing the world and called by Newsweek, Bloomberg and others, “The Nobel Prize for Students.” Fast Company named the Hult Prize, “One of the World’s Most Innovative” in their annual listing of the worlds most creative and game changing companies.

Philip Auerswald
Chief Academic Officer at Hult Prize Foundation

Philip Auerswald is the Chief Academic Officer of the Hult Prize Foundation. He is also the Cofounder of Zilla Global LLC, the Cofounder of Innovations journal, the founding board chair and president of the National Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and an Associate Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University. Auerswald has published over fifty books, peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and professional reports on entrepreneurship, innovation, and public policy. He is among the leading authorities globally on policies to enable entrepreneurial ecosystems. He is most recently the author of The Code Economy: A Forty-Thousand-Year History (Oxford University Press, 2017) and The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy (Oxford University Press, 2012). He has blogged and written op-eds for The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The International Herald Tribune, and The San Francisco Chronicle, among other outlets.

Nelly Andrade
Chief of Staff Hult Prize Foundation

Nelly Andrade is the Global Head of Programs for the Hult Prize Foundation. She’s a sustainable development professional; creative, innovative and proactive individual with a wide background on social and youth development programs, sustainable development, research for social impact, fundraising activities, partnership building and with a strategic advocacy on women’s economic empowerment. These experiences have helped Andrade develop communication, teamwork, and management skills that she now applies to improve and develop effective programs.

Callum Porter-Harris
Global Head of Content and Head of Accelerator 

Callum Porter-Harris is the Global Head of Content and Instruction for the Hult Prize Foundation, and the Head of our Accelerator Program. Additionally Callum is the co-founder of three social enterprises, and was recognised by Forbes as a 30 Under 30 in 2019. Callum began his journey to impact with Hult Prize in 2015 as a Global Finalist with his startup teleStory, and since then co-founded Mandala Group and Impact Tours, providing him with a wide range of experiences in regards to building social enterprises. Callum has run 100’s of workshops, hackathons and online learning programs for aspiring entrepreneurs across 5 continents and is a pioneer in Impact Education.