What is the Hult Prize?

The Hult Prize challenges young people around the world to solve the planet's most pressing issues through social entrepreneurship.

Hult Prize

Campus Director Applications Now Open

The OnCampus program serves as the first phase of the annual US $1,000,000 Hult Prize competition. Student volunteers, known as Campus Directors, organize training programs and community events at their universities focused on this year's Hult Prize Call to Action.​ The goal of every OnCampus program is to select one winning team, who will represent their university in the Regional Summits. Applications are now open until August 31st. ​

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OnCampus Program

Meet the Startups Attending to the 2022 Global Accelerator

Everyone we work with has a story worth hearing. Learn more about the startups attending our 2022 Accelerator Program in Boston, USA.

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Getting the World Back to Work!

The 2022 Hult Prize is focused on creating meaningful work opportunities at scale. Please note: entries for this year's Hult Prize are now closed.

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2022 Challenge