Hult Prize Foundation Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct



Since its founding in 2010, the Hult Prize Foundation’s mission has been to empower young entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on the world. The result has been hundreds of thousands of students who have harnessed the power of social entrepreneurship to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


High professional and personal standards of every individual associated with the Hult Prize are critical to the success of the Hult Prize Foundation. All individuals associated with the Hult Prize – which includes all employees, contractors, volunteers, mentors, experts, judges, and participants – are expected to perform their duties honestly, responsibly, and in conformance with the highest professional, business, and personal ethics. The Hult Prize’s expectations of ethical practices require a clear understanding of right and wrong, as well as a motivation by each individual to act at all times in a manner of which the Hult Prize can be proud and that adheres to not only the letter but the spirit of all applicable rules, policies, and organizational values.


This Code of Conduct identifies principles of behavior that are underscored by the organizational values of the Hult Prize.  This Code of Conduct is not intended to restate all the organizational policies and procedures that govern ethical behavior. Rather, the Code of Conduct provides guidelines for all individuals who are associated with the Hult Prize to follow.  Regardless of whether a certain situation is specifically addressed by the Code of Conduct, all individuals are expected to adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior that stands at the core of the Hult Prize mission.


A violation of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary or other adverse action, including termination of the individual’s association with the Hult Prize. 


Ethical Business Behavior


The Hult Prize is committed to operating in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. Individuals are expected to treat each other, Hult Prize employees and representatives, participants, experts, judges, mentors, volunteers, suppliers and vendors, competition hosts, and guests with respect and dignity.  This requires compliance with the following standards:


  • Discrimination/Harassment: The Hult Prize prohibits discrimination and sexual or other harassment, abusive or bullying behavior whether in person or virtually (including but not limited to via social media, texting, chat, or other online methods of communication).

  • Drug-Free Workplace: As a drug-free workplace, the Hult Prize prohibits the unauthorized manufacture, possession, use, sale, or distribution of drugs or marijuana in the workplace or at any venue related to the Hult Prize competition, or working or attending a Hult Prize event while under the influence of illegal drugs or marijuana.

  • Gifts or other Things of Value: Hult Prize competition and other business decisions should be made on the basis of quality, service, merit, price, and similar competitive factors.  Individuals should avoid even the appearance that decisions were influenced by business courtesies, gifts, favors, or other things of value. In the course of carrying out their responsibilities to the Hult Prize, individuals may be offered gifts, money, favors, or other things of value by participants, mentors, or vendors/suppliers.  Individuals should not give, seek, or accept in connection with the Hult Prize: 1) any type of compensation or commission; 2) any monetary gifts, financial assets, or gratuities, regardless of the amount; or 3) any other gift or gratuity or other things of value of more than nominal value, including meals, entertainment, living accommodations, trips, or personal favors and preferences. Individuals may not accept any gifts, benefits or items of value from vendors or suppliers or offer or accept any from any governmental body or governmental agent or representative. If an individual is offered or receives a gift that they suspect does not comply with this policy, the individual should report that to management.


Professional Behavior


The Hult Prize expects an environment free from disruptive, threatening, harassing, bullying, or violent behavior, and does not tolerate inappropriate, unprofessional or intimidating behavior within the workplace or at any venue related to the Hult Prize competition. All individuals associated with the Hult Prize must be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity. Employees, contractors, volunteers, mentors, experts, judges, and participants and all other persons associated with the Hult Prize are expected to be accountable for their behavior and to not retaliate against those who report concerns. This requires compliance with the following standards:


  • Inappropriate Relationships: The Hult Prize prohibits any individual associated with the Hult Prize from engaging in any kind of sexual, romantic, or other intimate relationship with any other individual associated with the Hult Prize: (i) for whom they have a responsibility to supervise, manage, mentor, or judge; or (ii) that could compromise or be perceived to compromise the objectivity, fairness, or professional standing of the Hult Prize Foundation or the Hult Prize competition. Hult Prize employees and representatives are strictly prohibited from any sexual, romantic, or other intimate relationships with student participants currently associated with the Hult Prize.

  • Workplace and Competition Venue Violence: The Hult Prize prohibits threatening or abusive behavior in the workplace and at any venue related to the Hult Prize competition.  

  • Interference with Other Competitors: Any deliberate action taken by an individual to disrupt, damage or impair other competitors before or during the competition will be cause for disqualification from the competition.




Individuals must treat all information obtained through their association with the Hult Prize with the utmost care, including the protection of all non-public information related to the Hult Prize and all personally identifiable information related to student participants. 


Protection and Appropriate Use of Hult Prize Property


Individuals should treat Hult Prize property and the property of other individuals associated with the Hult Prize, whether material or intangible, with respect and care.  All individuals must avoid misuse or frivolous use of Hult Prize equipment and property. 


Conflicts of Interest


Individuals associated with the Hult Prize should avoid any activity that may constitute, or have the appearance of constituting, a conflict of interest with the mission or the interests of the Hult Prize. A conflict of interest occurs when a relationship or activity impairs, or gives the appearance of impairing, an individual’s ability to make fair and objective decisions when conducting the business of the Hult Prize.  Because individuals may have diverse financial and professional interests, it may require considerable care to avoid a conflict of personal interests with those of the Hult Prize. In addition, Hult Prize personnel, assets, equipment, and organizational opportunities may be used only for the advancement of the Hult Prize’s charitable activities and any use for personal gain is prohibited.


A Hult Prize employee or representative that has an actual or potential financial or business interest or relationship with any current or former Hult Prize participant must immediately disclose that potential conflict of interest to the Chief Executive Officer.




If an individual becomes aware of any violation of this Code of Conduct, they should report the violation to management, a Hult Prize human resources employee, or to the Chief Executive  Officer.   


Individuals also may use the Compliance Hotline: 


  • Web:

  • Phone:

    • English-speaking USA and Canada: 855-222-5175

    • Spanish-speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288

    • French-speaking Canada: 855-725-0002

    • Spanish-speaking Mexico: 01-800-681-5340

    • All other countries: 800-603-2869 (must dial country access code first; click here for access codes and dialing instructions)

  • E-mail: (include company name “Hult Prize” with report)


This hotline is available to anyone who wants to raise a concern about legal or ethical issues, or to report violations of law or ethics. The Compliance Hotline is staffed by an outside agency and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Any report made in good faith of a violation or a suspected violation will not lead to adverse action against the reporting individual. Each report will be held in confidence to the extent permitted by law and sound business practice. An individual may file an anonymous complaint about policies, systems, practices, and violations of law with any of the above individuals.  While anonymous complaints may be submitted, the difficulty of verifying relevant information and the inherent unfairness of anonymous unsubstantiated allegations may make such complaints difficult to pursue.