The Competition

Our year-long, global competition challenges young people to solve the world’s most pressing issues by creating innovative social ventures. Read about each stage of the competition below to find out what the journey to becoming a Hult Prize Winner looks like.


Step 1: Qualifiers

November - February The OnCampus Program and the Open Application together serve as the first phase of the Hult Prize competition. In the OnCampus Program, student volunteers, known as Campus Directors, organize training programs and community events at their universities focused on that year's Challenge. Winners of qualifying OnCampus programs will represent that university in the Semifinals at our Summits. Alternatively, teams can apply directly through our Open Application. From over 20,000 teams, only 3,000 will be selected to move to the next round.

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Step 2: Quarterfinals

March Over 200 Hult Prize Judges will meet in eight different cities to review the quarterfinalists submissions and select up to 900 startups that will be invited to pitch in person in the Hult Prize Summits.


Step 3: Semifinals

June In 2023, Hult Prize will host Summits in 12 cities across the world. ​Thousands of competitors pitch their social venture ideas to panels of experts. The winning teams from each of these summits, and eight other startups selected through the 2nd Chance Round, will earn a spot at the first phase of the Global Accelerator. ​The winning teams from each of these summits earn a spot at the Global Accelerator and are one step closer to winning US $1,000,000.​

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Step 4: Global Accelerator

July - September Teams that make it to the Global Accelerator will go through a series of business challenges to fast-track building their companies. At the conclusion of the first phase, six startups will be selected to move to Phase 2. In Phase 2, the six finalists will be invited to the in-person phase of the Accelerator in Paris, France.

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Step 5: Global Finals

September At the Global Finals, the six teams pitch their social ventures to a panel of distinguished judges with the hopes of being selected as the next winner of the US $1,000,000 Hult Prize. In 2023, this exciting event will be hosted in Paris, France! To see video of our 2022 Global Finals held in conjunction with the Clinton Global Initiative, click here:

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