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The Hult Prize is home to the world’s largest college and university network for impact.

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The Hult Prize organizes over 3,000 in-person pitch events per year around the world. These demo days are run by youth, for youth and celebrate impact startups launched on university campuses across 121 countries.

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Hult Prize training programs provide unmatched learning opportunities for millions of youth across the globe through in-person and digital seminars, workshops, speaker series, fireside chats, dedicated mentorship, and career coaching.

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Our 30,000 member youth workforce definitely work hard but we celebrate even harder. A variety of fun activities are hosted weekly including networking, community meetups, team-building activities, parties… and more.

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Can I host an online On Campus program?

The answer is no, everyone should work on hosting an in-person program, every campus director should try executing an On Campus program, however, if it is challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic, feel free to reach out to your On Campus Regional Manager, schedule a one-on-one meeting and discuss solutions as we move forward. Having an online event is one of the possible options for that challenge.

When do applications open?

Official 2021 Global Hult Prize Applications will open on October 1st. There will be two early bird application deadlines, with a final application deadline of December 23. On Campus events and programs are on-going. Regional Programs have floating deadlines, please visit your local country page to learn more or email us at

Do I need an idea to apply?

No. Your application is not based on an existing idea or one that you may have come up with for the challenge. Unlike any competition in the world, the Hult Prize moves teams into the Regional finals that have the potential to create a dynamic and disruptive startup based on their team experience and makeup. Regional Finalists are announced the first week of January, giving you and your team a solid two months to complete your pitch. Top applications are made up of multicultural and multi-disciplined teams.

Why should I apply early?

Submitting your application early is highly encouraged. It gives our selection committee more time to assess the quality of your application. Also, a limited number of teams are pre-selected before the final application deadline, giving you more time to spend on creating your social enterprise to solve the 2021 Hult Prize Challenge. Next, often times some cities fill up faster than others, and if you submit your application early, we may be able to accommodate your team in a different region than the one you have applied for. Finally, it helps us with sorting through the sheer number of applications that come in, so we would really appreciate you getting your application in as soon as possible.

Who is eligible to compete?

Students from any college or university in the world are invited to form teams of 3-4. You are considered a student if, at the time of application submission, you have not yet graduated. Alumni and faculty are not allowed to be official team members.

How do I win the 10,000 USD Prize?

All Campus Directors that meet the criteria will be eligible to qualify for rewards, including but not limited to a 10,000 USD prize, winning an all-expense-paid trip to the Hult Prize Awards Ceremony & Gala, the chance to meet world leaders.

OnCampus Programs will be ranked on these criteria: Percentage of Student Participation Rockstar judges recruited Exposure of your program X-Factor: how you made your program unique.

The Best in Class Campus Director will be granted 10,000 USD as part of a job offer with the Hult Prize.

Incentives are subject to change.