Meet the team behind Bfreeze!


Their Story

Bfreeze was started by Aashir and Usama, two engineering students in Pakistan fascinated with energy systems and how those systems play a role in climate change. After extensive research on the relationship between different types of energy systems and the environment, they determined that air conditioning units were the best candidate for reinvention. With their engineering backgrounds in hand, they started building prototypes of improved air conditioning systems and submitted their idea to the 2020 Hult Prize competition.  

The prototype they debuted at the Regional Summit revolutionized AC by working in tandem with the existing environment. Powered by hot air, their design meant that the hotter the temperature, the better the product worked. After extensive testing in warm climates, they were excited to find that their design successfully reduced energy use while still performing equally to other products on the market. The team was selected as a Regional Winner and moved onto the Global Accelerator.  

Confident in their prototype, Aashir and Usama used the Accelerator phase to focus on growing their business model. Urvah and Mahnoor joined the team to work on Breeze’s manufacturing and sales, and as the accelerator progressed the team gained the confidence and tools necessary to start testing their product in the market. They found immediate success and invested their $150, 000 grant in further research and development, which allowed Bfreeze  to grow by 2.5x over the course of 2021. As they continue expanding, they remain committed to investing their efforts in finding innovative solutions to making energy systems more sustainable.  

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