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Carreta Verde

Their Story

The hard truth: everyone likes sugar. A pinch with your morning coffee and another with that not-sweet-enough dessert. Another hard truth: According to Scientific American we lose 80,000 acres of tropical deforestation and another 80,000 acres of significant degradation a day. One of the many reasons deforestation is so prevalent is the need for sugar cane fields. These fields spread over acres and acres destroying the natural habitat of thousands of animals, including bees. Producers will have to cultivate almost 50% more land by 2050 to meet the projected global demand for sugarcane. Not to mention the flue gases, soot, ash, ammonia, and other substances that factories release during processing that are linked to the threat of climate change and damage to human health. But to produce honey you only need pollinators and flowers.  


Honey is characterized as a natural, raw food that can be consumed not only as a sweetener but also as a medicine because of its therapeutic impact on human health. Honey is the sustainable sweetener of the future. We want to promote the use of a product that is delicious, local, and above all natural. Carreta Verde’s proposal: Create the future of how we will consume our food. By avoiding mass-produced products, we not only enjoy a higher quality product, but we can also enjoy local products, which do not promote deforestation and avoid high greenhouse gas emissions.  


Therefore, at Carreta Verde (previously known as Pollen Bee) we are positioning a brand of impact products that will help mitigate the unfair conditions faced by the beekeeper in the marketing of honey and pollination as a service. We understand that the financial and operational risks intrinsic to production are key to aligning the incentives and initiatives we must pursue to maximize the value of the beekeeping supply chain and generate impact honey retailing. Through non-traditional distribution channels, we return to the experience of buying honey from the friendly beekeeper neighbor, directly to the door of the customer, who seeks to buy honey from a trusted source that can guarantee accessibility, quality, purity, and freshness in every jar purchased. The experience at the Hult Prize has been amazing. The advice from experts has been key to understanding and building the competitive advantages that will make us thrive in the competitive landscape to drive our vision and create a sustainable impact in one of the most fragile industries the world needs to thrive.