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Go Taza

Their Story

With the current trend of urban migration, the need to supply cities with consistent levels of fresh and nutritious produce is growing. Climate change has threatened global food supply chains and has led to bad poor harvests year after year. Founded during the height of the pandemic, Go Taza seeks to supplement the UK food system by growing in the heart of urban cities, reducing the number of crops that are imported, and providing access to fresh and nutritious crops directly to the city. 

Go Taza cultivates food that is grown 365 days a year while reducing the number of miles it takes for the food to reach the consumer. Compared to traditional farming, their in-house developed hydroponics grow rack allows them to grow produce using 70% less water and 90% less land. Along with this, they use zero pesticides and chemicals, meaning they are providing consumers with some of the cleanest and most nutritious produce on the market.  

In the past few years, they have been able to grow their social media following, set up their first vertical farm, and make their first sales. They have launched an online farm store, where consumers are able to directly order their harvests and have them delivered.  

With the $100,000 grant from Hult Prize, they continue to scale their operations and cultivate relationships independent retail stores and consumers across London and the United Kingdom. They are proving that just because the future lies in big, metropolitan cities does not mean people cannot get local, healthy, and environmentally friendly produce year-round.  

Check out their website at www.gotaza.co/