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Infinity box

Their Story

Over the past decade, food delivery services have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life for most people in the world. As with most big societal changes, there are pros and cons that have come about as a result of the rise in food delivery. Someone can order their favorite meal from the comfort of their couch, but that meal is likely delivered in a container or bag made of single-use plastics, which have lasting negative effects on the environment.  

Infinity Box, a 2020 Hult Prize winner, saw this problem and decided to do something about it. They created a sustainably produced, reusable, and durable container to replace the plastic ones currently in use. In addition to the above features, they have incorporated unique tracking technology in the containers themselves, allowing their customers to track the lifecycle of their Infinity Box and giving Infinity Box crucial data to help them consistently improve their product.  

Infinity Box is currently working with some of India’s biggest food delivery companies, such as Swiggy and MealSmith, a partner of Hungerbox, which is India’s largest B2B aggregator. As they continue to grow, make sure to check out their website at