Meet the team behind Kashew!


Their Story

Every year, about 10 million tons of furniture ends up in the landfill in the United States alone. That’s equivalent to four couches being discarded every single second and that’s just the last leg of the journey. The whole value chain, from start to finish, leaves a significant wound on the face of our planet. From the extraction of raw materials to the mass manufacturing of low-quality products and overseas transportation; the furniture industry is a major polluter. 

When the team behind Kashew moved into a new apartment in San Francisco, they realized how difficult it was to find affordable, good quality furniture that didn’t negatively impact the environment. They found a Craigslist posting from a woman giving away her entire home’s worth of furniture for free, they jumped on the opportunity and furnished their entire apartment with second-hand pieces.  

Whenever their friends would come over to their apartment, the second-hand furniture was the star of the show. This demonstrated to the group that buying second-hand was something other people would do if they had an easy way to do it. This is when the group of friends decided to build Kashew, the first furniture marketplace that tangibly improves the environment with every purchase. 

Today, buyers and sellers meet on their website to exchange furniture. Kashew takes care of managing payments, delivery, and customer service. They are growing in numbers and making it easier and easier to buy and sell pre-loved furniture, so that 2nd hand can become the 1st choice. Check out their website (and maybe buy some furniture) at www.kashew.org/.