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Meet the team behind Propel Foods!

propel foods

Their Story

Hi, we’re Sofía, Joel and Jayat, and we come from the future. We came to find you, to show you how we’ll fix global warming. Welcome, propellers of change, together we’ll fix the problem that’s hurting our world at its core: animal agriculture, or factory farming. We believe eating cows, pigs and chicken is killing our planet!

Although we did not time-travel all these years to guilt trip anyone because of their food preferences, we did come to give everyone a great and practical alternative to these foods. Our calculations did not miss, and we traveled to this precise point in time to bring YOU Propel Foods.

Propel Foods is an AI-powered Mexican startup that creates plant-based and hybrid-protein food. We make modern foods for the modern diet. Foods that are good for your health, taste buds and the well-being of our planet. It’s the best of both worlds! We believe Propel products are the future of food for two main reasons: They benefit your health tremendously, and they’re critical to the survival of our planet. (Plus, we come from the future, so we know).

With the goal of changing the world to help local communities and our environment, we participated on the 2021 Hult Prize. After winning our OnCampus Program, we were eliminated during the first round of the Regional Summit, but did not let that stop us from trying to make it through to the Global Accelerator. We poured all of our passion for our idea into a 1-minute pitch video, submitted it to the Second-Chance Round, earned a spot in the Accelerator, and were selected as winners of the 2021 Hult Prize.

In the months since, we have continued turning our idea into a viable business. We were recognized in Mexico as a National Interest, were featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and have entered into talks with billion-dollar companies in the international food industry. The Mexican Government has even begun building facilities to help local communities as a result of our work. We’re also in the process of opening our first processing plant and launching our first products of 2022!

Propel Foods is here to unite propellers, to unite the people that care for the world. We’re here to propel local communities and create food that saves our future.