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The OnCampus program serves as the first phase of the annual US $1,000,000 Hult Prize competition. Student volunteers, known as Campus Directors, organize training programs and community events at their universities focused on the Hult Prize challenge of the Year. The goal of every OnCampus Program is to advance a winning team to represent their university in the next phase of the competition. Applications are now open for the 2023 - 2024 cohort.

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Why join Hult Prize?

Be part of an international community of change makers

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Universities across 100+ countries


Volunteers annually worldwide
Impact Summit trophys


Startup Ideas generated every year

Lead the change you want to see in your community

Hult Prize Campus Directors act as local leaders in the social entreprise space

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Be a leader on campus

and create your tribe.

Build your own professional network

and get the local community together.

Solve the world's most pressing challenges

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Here is what some of our best Campus Directors had to say about their experiences

Maiy Osman

Maiy Osman | 2022 World Program of the Year Laureate & 2022 Africa Program of the Year Laureate

"I was lost and then I found Hult Prize, and now I have a purpose in my life"
Alneelain University, Sudan
Dana Amaya

Dana Amaya | 2022 Americas Program of the Year Laureate

"Hult Prize is the perfect way to learn how to be a leader and have a positive impact people."
Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de América Latina, Peru

Mariem Jnina | 2022 Program of the Year Laureate - Europe, Middle East & North Africa

"Hult Prize encourages you to innovate without limits and, to change people's reality starting with your community"
Nationale School of Applied Science of Al-hoceima, Morocco

Ruei Chiau Wu | 2022 Program of the Year, Asia Pacific

"It was an Incredible experience being able to provide my fellow classmates with an outlet to change the world"
Tatung University, Taiwan

Abdullah Sorowar Alif | 2022 Program of the Year, Central & South Asia"

"Being a Campus Director has enhanced my leadership skills while networking at a global level."
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Mascha Samkova | 2019 Program of the Year Laureate - Europe

My proudest moment was when a team from my school won the Hult Prize 1 million dollars in 2018.
University College, London

Become a Campus Director today

What is a Campus Director?

Campus Directors are the core of the OnCampus Program. They are responsible for organizing a local Hult Prize competition at their university with support from the Hult Prize Foundation.

What is the OnCampus Program?

The Hult Prize OnCampus Program brings the Hult Prize directly to universities around the world. This international Program allows student leaders on campus to organize their own localized version of the Hult Prize, using a turn-key tool kit and the support of dedicated staff at the Hult Prize Foundation. 

Why should I become a Campus Director?

Being a Campus Director helps you become a part of a global community of young changemakers. You also get an opportunity to work with leading organizations in the impact field. Lastly, you get to attend our Global events and meet young entrepreneurs with diverse cultures.  

Is this free?

Yes, absolutely!  

How do I participate/apply?

Apply via the application form on our website. Click Here!

Who is eligible to apply for a Campus Director?

All university students of the world are eligible to apply for the Hult Prize Campus Director position, including all undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate. 

Can I be a Campus Director and be a participant?

As organizers, Campus Directors and organizing committee members are not allowed to compete in their own OnCampus Programs. This is a strict policy to ensure impartiality and fairness. However, organizers are encouraged to apply online with a team they form through the Open Application.

How will the team at Hult Prize support me to execute my program?

The team will provide you with:

1. An OnCampus Toolkit

2. Training & Ongoing Webinars 

3. Access to personalized support